Product Safety Information: Gyroor C3 e-bikes Dec 15 2022 Recalls

What is a Recall Notification?

Recall notifications call the consumer’s attention to products that need to be repaired, modified or replaced after the manufacturing process. Many times, a simple replacement part may be necessary to improve performance of the product.

The information provided below specifies by product ID or serial number the models and versions affected by recalls. Locate your product ID code or serial number and compare it to the ones listed below. If they DO NOT match, then your product is NOT affected. If they match, the remedy will be provided to you to correct the issue.


Name of Product: Gyroor C3 e-bikes

Remedy: Repair

Recall Date: December 15, 2022

Some gyroor c3 e-bike battery packs may ignite in some circumstances, which pose the risky of burns and smoke inhalation to consumers.


On December 15, GYROOR signed a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) drafted by CPSC and submitted it to CPSC, therefore, our handling of this recall incident is advised and supervised by CPSC. CPSC confirmed in the CAP that the model of these risky battery packs is 10S4P, and the manufacturer of these risky battery packs is Warteam New Energy (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd. Gyroor is conducting a voluntary recall of battery packs with model number 10S4P.

For safety reasons, we recommend and require you to stop using the e-bike with these risky battery packs immediately, and you can contact us to obtain a qualified new battery pack approved by CPSC to replace the risky battery pack. We will provide contact information to facilitate you to contact us if you need help. You can call 833-737-1294 from 8 am to 12:00 pm and 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm Pacific time, or send an email to

Before you contact us, you need to go through the following four steps to confirm the battery pack in your electric bike is a 10S4P battery pack:

If it is confirmed to be a 10S4P battery pack, as per CPSC’s Recall Alert, and we will help you replace a new battery pack;

And If it is confirmed that it is not a 10S4P battery pack, you can continue to use the GYROOR ebike normally.

Step 1:the following picture can help you confirm the location of the battery pack in the gyroor-c3 electric bike you bought;

Gyroor C3 EBIKE

Step 2: after confirming the location of the battery pack, please unscrew the three screws behind the tube, which are used to secure the battery pack to the e-bike frame (may also known as the e-bike tube). You can refer to the picture below:

Gyroor C3 electric bike

Step 3: Please unplug the three connecting terminals (connections) of the battery pack so that the battery pack can be extracted (pulled out) from the frame/tube. You can see that the battery pack is in a cylindrical shape. You can refer to the picture below:

Gyroor C3 folding eBike
Step 4: The extracted (pulled out) cylindrical battery pack will have one or two paper labels, specifically, there may be a paper label at the end of the cylindrical battery pack or a paper label on the side of the cylindrical battery pack,

But no matter how many paper labels there are. As long as one of the paper labels indicates or writes that the model of the battery pack is 10S4P and the manufacturer of the battery pack is Warteam New Energy (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd (the manufacturer may also be written as Wateam New Energy (Guang Dong) Co., Ltd in some labels), it means that the battery pack (10S4P). That is, you need to contact us to replace a new qualified battery pack. You can refer to the three pictures below:

Gyroor C3
Gyroor Bike
Gyroor bike battery

We have made a video of the above four steps, which will be of better help to your confirmation process. Please check the video below:

After you confirm that the battery pack in your gyroor c3 e-bike is 10S4P battery pack through the above four steps, you need to remove the 10S4P battery pack from the e-bike and store it in a ventilated and dry place; do not expose the 10S4P battery pack to heaters, stoves and direct sunlight, or environments with high temperature or high humid.

Here are options to depose the battery packs (10S4P):

  1. you may contact us to arrange for the at-home pickup of the risky 10S4P battery pack for disposal.
  2. you may contact us for a prepaid mailing package and shipping label to return the risky 10S4P battery pack to us for disposal, with the method of return shipping complying with all applicable regulations for the transportation of lithium-ion batteries, particularly Department of Transportation/PHMSA regulations.
  3. If you want to dispose of these risk battery packs (10S4P) yourself, please provide proof of disposal of the risk battery packs (10S4P) at a certified electronics recycler that accepts lithium-ion batteries or at a hazardous waste collection facility. Please contact us if you need assistance from us to dispose of the battery packs (10S4P),  please then forward a record of the disposal to us at the aforementioned email.
  4. You can also communicate with us directly to determine other more efficient and appropriate ways to return/depose the risky battery packs (10S4P).
If you need assistance in removing or installing the battery packs, please reach to us by email or phone.