Hi,We Are Gyroor

Fun Family riding adventures begin with Gyroor!

Our Story

The journey began with a visionary dream for our founder, Jason - to create a world where every family could afford an efficient and lightweight E-vehicle that would revolutionize mobility and greatly enhance their lives.

This aspiration ignited his drive to make significant contributions towards advancing the future of transportation through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that foster innovation and accessibility, while also infusing excitement into the concept of mobility.

Driven by this passion, he persevered through relentless processes of research, development, and testing. In 2012, Gyroor was established as a result. Although disappointments and errors were prevalent in the early stages of his company's establishment, his team remained steadfast in their determination.

Despite facing overwhelming barriers and challenges along the way, Jason's unwavering commitment to achieving his objectives never faltered. He recognized that prioritizing product development was crucial for attaining his goals.

By increasing investments in research and development in 2014 while perfecting fundamental technologies such as motors, controllers, and batteries; Gyroor's product portfolio underwent substantial improvements - surpassing customer expectations.

Our Mission

At Gyroor,we believe that cutting-edge engineering can't just sound good on paper-it must also perform exceptionally well on the ground. Our team of engineers takes a hands-on approach to ensure every family has the option to own durable and eco-friendly Gyroor products at a price they can afford. This is made possible due to our access to reasonably priced and high-quality materials, enabling us to pass on those savings to our valued customers.

Professional Certification and Quality Assurance