Since 2012 Gyroor has revolutionized the hoverboard industry with its technology, they have delivered great and original designs that embody style, functionality, and strength. With a team that is uniquely motivated to constantly outperform itself and the competition, Gyroor Hoverboard has been able to create a structure that is assured of producing pure brilliance. The Gyroor hoverboard warrior is taunted as the strongest hoverboard on the planet.


GYROOR Hoverboard is dedicated to using electronics to connect fun travel and accessibly by creating hoverboards the will continue to evolve and meet the needs of all hoverboard lover now and in the future. At the center of Gyroor hoverboard is CANI which stands for constant and never-ending improvement. This is especially useful in improving the safety standards of all hoverboard products and ensuring g that they meet all safety tests. Hoverboard holds its products to the heist safety standards.


With a team of 150 highly skilled employees, and a fully licensed factory in the world electronics headquarters. GYROOR Hoverboard is especially capable of delivering on its word. It boasts an efficient distribution structure than enables its products to reach customers all over the world; it has warehouses in the United States of America and programs for distributors worldwide.


Gyroor Hoverboard brings raw value and love into its hoverboards by deploying is vast hoverboard technology experience, a dedicated research and development team, and a world-class factory. Hoverboard believes that it is the people who understand and recognize the needs of their customers that are its greatest assets. The Gyroor hoverboard team and at the center of their passion the desire to constantly satisfy the customer with the highest quality and the latest hoverboard designs and technology.