Gyroor Electric Bike Review

The digital world has reinvented the term convenience, with the constant advancement of technology as its backbone. Now, terms such as electric cars or electric bikes are not foreign concepts or a far- fetched dream. Instead, they are a reality that we now confront on a daily basis, as they work to increase convenience and reduce pollution.

Enter the Gyroor electric scooter bike, the latest addition in the electric scooter bike industry. Admittedly, the concept of electric bikes is not new. Therefore, e-bikes have only improved throughout the years, boasting of new and additional features that money can afford.

The Gyroor electric scooter bike is an ideal example of the aforementioned statement, as it boasts of high-quality features that are second to none. Below, is an in-depth look of what is now considered, the most sought after and revolutionary electric bike yet.

About Gyroor C2 Electric Scooter Bike

The Gyroor electric scooter bike boasts of an exterior made out of Aerospace aluminium alloy, which features a perfect combination of silver and black. Its sturdy and durable body is supported by two tires with red rims to complement its overall look. Notably, the wheels are also manufactured from aluminium alloy to add to its overall lightweight nature.

What makes the wheels unique is their key features which include wear-resistant, anti-skid and shock absorbent to help support the steady and safe movement.

When it comes to purchasing an electric bike is safety. Hence, the Gyroor electric scooter bike LED headlights that are not only adequately bright, but projects as far as 6 meters in length from the actual location. It’s tail lights augment the safety measures required to keep a pedestrian and those around him/her safe.

Another safety measure utilized are the double braking features which are designed to respond quickly and efficiently. The braking distance is at least 4 meters, its distinct HD dial non-slip handle only augmenting the required safety measures. Of course, it comes with a shock-absorbing cushion and comfortable high soft airbag cushion as well.

The popularity of the Gyroor electric scooter bike has only increased due to the fact that it’s foldable. You no longer have to worry about parking space or little storage space when it comes to the Gyroor C2. After folding it, ensure that you secure it with a bike lock, to keep anyone else from taking it.

Its size and lightweight nature increase its versatility and functionality, making it an ideal option for every type of individual. In other words, it’s functionality is not limited and can easily double as a mountain bike, exercise bike or as a balance bike.

Hence, If you’re in the market for electric bikes for adults or for an ideal kids bike, you don’s have to look further than Gyroor C2. Additionally, it ranks among the best bikes for boys, due to its features that nearly rival the everyday mountain bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Travels 25 km/hour
  • The battery lasts for as long as 35km
  • Waterproof rating IP76
  • Fast charging battery, usually for at least 3 1/2 hours
  • Comes with  30 sets of 18650ma lithium battery unit 
  • Disc brake + electronic brake dual system,
  • HD dial Non-slip handle
  • Shock absorbent
  • A comfortable high soft airbag cushion
  • LED headlights and tail lights
  • Safe and convenient


In conclusion, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Despite its cost, the numerous features, its versatility and functional nature of the electric bike make it worth it.