GYROOR Shines at the 2024 International Electronics Expo

Gyroor achieved unprecedented success at the four-day Global Resources Exhibition in Hong Kong from April 11th to April 14th. The booth was crowded with people and stood out from neighboring booths, attracting great attention; moreover, the volume of orders was quite impressive. At the Global Resources Exhibition in Hong Kong, Gyroor unveiled its latest children's travel solution called "GYROOR GNU", which not only continues Gyroor's brilliant achievements on international stages such as IFA and CES but also embodies the brand's vision of seamlessly integrating technology with childlike innocence. 

GYROOR’s product lines received unanimous acclaim at the expo. Our three development directions include:

  • GYROOR|Kids: This series, designed for families seeking quality, safety, and innovation, has become a leading brand in the global market for children's electric skateboards after winning a patent lawsuit against Hangzhou Riders. It is now popular in markets like the USA, the UK, and Germany.

  • GYROOR GNU Kids Suitcase: Launched in 2024, the GNU isn’t just a children's suitcase but integrates a skateboard, offering both fun and functionality. Designed for preschool children, it combines travel needs with entertainment features, showcasing GYROOR's innovation in meeting diverse children’s needs. This product concept received high acclaim at international consumer electronics shows such as CES and IFA, further proving GYROOR's market leadership.

  •  KS2 Power-assisted Children’s Skateboard: The KS2 is another innovative product from the GYROOR Kids series, featuring a power-assisted design that makes operation easier and safer, significantly enhancing the riding experience for children. KS2 meets the market demand for high-performance children’s skateboards.。

  •  KIT1 Mini Harley Motorcycle: The KIT1 gives children a cool riding experience, inspired by classic Harley motorcycles, quickly becoming a popular choice in the market. Its unique design and outstanding performance allow children to enjoy riding safely.

The launch of these products not only solidifies GYROOR's leading position in the children's electric skateboard market but also showcases the company's profound strengths in innovation and technological integration. GYROOR will continue to expand its influence in the global market for electric vehicles, providing the younger generation with safe, fun, and high-quality travel solutions.

GYROOR|URBAN: Centered around large electric skateboards, particularly the seat-equipped C series, which has pioneered the market for such products. This series not only meets the high demands of adult users but also establishes GYROOR's leadership in the electric bicycle industry through its excellent value for money.

  • C1S Model: The perfect combination of storage and convenience, the C1S, a star of the GYROOR URBAN series, has won market favor with its innovative storage capabilities and comfortable riding experience. This elegantly designed skateboard is not only suitable for daily commutes but also meets the needs of modern urbanites for multifunctional electric transport tools.
  • C-BEST Model: A high-performance electric skateboard certified by the European Economic Area (EEC), ensuring product safety and environmental standards, and demonstrating GYROOR’s competitive edge in international markets.


INNOVATION Series: Reflects the company's in-depth research and application of cutting-edge technology aimed at improving everyday commuting and leisure experiences.

  • Lightweight and Foldable Design: Our design team focuses on creating lightweight and foldable electric skateboards, which not only make commuting more convenient but also greatly enhance the portability and storage ease of the products. This design philosophy has been applied to several products, including the backpack skateboard, widely welcomed by busy urban dwellers.
  • Enterprise Technology Empowerment and Motor Control Technology Development: We are committed not only to improving the quality of life for individual users but also to providing technology empowerment to business clients. By developing efficient motor control technology, GYROOR helps businesses enhance operational efficiency, especially in scenarios requiring substantial power and control.
  • P7 Electric Camping Vehicle: The P7 represents GYROOR’s latest innovation, a first-generation electric camping vehicle equipped with smart technology, making camping not just a close encounter with nature but also a relaxed and effortless experience. The launch of P7 marks a significant breakthrough in the leisure equipment field.
  • Electric Golf Cart: Designed to provide golf enthusiasts with a more relaxed and enjoyable playing experience. Not only is this cart smooth and easy to operate, but it is also made from eco-friendly materials, reflecting GYROOR’s commitment to sustainable development.

These innovative products not only demonstrate GYROOR’s leadership in technological fields but also indicate that the company will continue to lead the future development trends of electric skateboards and related equipment.

Looking ahead, GYROOR will continue to commit to the development of new energy two-wheel vehicles, constantly pushing the integration of intelligence, technology, and green travel. The company aims to become a global leader in the electric skateboard market through ongoing technological innovation and market expansion. GYROOR believes that through continuous effort and innovation, it can provide more choices for urban mobility, pushing the world towards more environmentally friendly and smarter travel solutions.