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Gyroor HA3 Electric Skateboard Longboard 10-12 Miles Max Range | 25 MPH Top Speed 250W Hub Motor Recommended Max Load 265 Lbs with Wireless Remote Control


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  • Gyroor is a team of experts dedicated to making a high-quality electric scooter vehicle, A Fitness product with a mission, Gyroor is both a convenient way to travel and experience outdoors. It is Lightweight and easily portable; two aspects that contribute to its success and make it an attractive product At Gyroor, we carefully source the best vendors for our production in order to come up with top-notch quality for our products

    • COST-EFFECTIVENESS---Spend More for High Quality vs Buy Cheap to Save Money? Why not having both? The most cost-effective electric skateboard of the same kind with top-notch performance.
      RANGE--- Powered by high-performance 250W x 2 motors giving it a 10~12 miles range with a top speed of 25MPH. Varies depending on rider weight, terrain and riding style.
      HILLS---Up to 12 percent gradient in GT mode. this skateboard can easily conquer a variety of terrains including hills, not to mention its regenerative braking system that will restore energy and extend your battery life.
      ERGONOMIC WIRELESS REMOTE---Rider friendly wireless remote cut out for your hand and gives you a firm grip while navigating your way of joy or commuting your way to work. Smoothly switch between three-speed modes at the convenience of your fingertips.
      WARRANTY--- We believe that all businesses eventually boils down to superior customer experience. Therefore, we offer 6 months comprehensive warranty that covers all sorts of manufacturing defects. ( Warranty does not apply to wheels and grip tape) Have fun!