Gyroor C2 electric bike for adults and kids with powerful LED light ebike foldable bike

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  • Enter the Gyroor electric scooter bike, the latest addition in the electric scooter bike industry. Admittedly, the concept of electric bikes is not new. Therefore, e-bikes have only improved throughout the years, boasting of new and additional features that money can afford.


    • Lightweight
      Travels 25 km/hour
      The battery lasts for as long as 35km
      Waterproof rating IP76
      Fast charging battery, usually for at least 3 1/2 hours
      Comes with  30 sets of 18650ma lithium battery unit 
      Disc brake + electronic brake dual system,
      HD dial Non-slip handle
      Shock absorbent
      A comfortable high soft airbag cushion
      LED headlights and tail lights
      Safe and convenient


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