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Gyroor G-F1 Fastest Racing Hoverboard with App for Kids and Adult


Type: hoverboard

Gyroor F1 Stylish Hoverboard, The Epitome Of Speed, Inspired By Formula One Supercars

The Gyroorboard F1 impressive design was Inspired by F1 racing cars. You will find all features of F1 from the Gyroorboard F1, unique shape,strong power, fast speed, sturdy structure. Ridding the Gyroorboard F1 take an adventure as a racing driver.

An Impressive Design

Inspired by F1 racing automobile design. It is the Fastest and Coolest hoverboard at present.Fun for all Ages â€?this hoverboard is designed for children ages 7 and above.

Safe Hoverboard

UL2272 certified, LG/Samsung battery cells. Strictly accord with safety standards. And passed CE, RoHS, FCC certifications.

Self Balancing Technology

Self-balancing itself, it is safer, easier to ride, and not easy to fall for a new rider.

Speed Adjustable

Adjust the speed from min to max in the app, to ensure a safe riding speed for your kids if you don’t want them to ride too fast.

Sturdy Structure

The body is 85% Aluminum board with some ABS parts, stronger and safer.

Pro Bluetooth Audio

Pro Bluetooth speaker, visa by your smartphone, ride with your favorite music.

DIY Colorful LED Lights

Set any of your favorite color lights by an app. One color or flashing colors mode. It makes the coolest board.

Smart App Control

You can control the board by app visa your smart phone, Sefl Balancing Switch, Changing led colors, Adult or Child mode, Anti Theft Alarm, Adjust riding speed, playing music by Bluetooth, check riding track, etc. Get the smartest hoverboard now.

GYROOR F1 Hoverboard Spec

UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards
Lithium-Ion Battery
Removable 4.4Ah/36V (LG/SAMSUNG Cells)
350W*2 Motors
Colors Adjustable by APP
Bluetooth Speaker
Pro Bluetooth Speaker
Distance on Full Charge
7.5~9.5 Miles
Max Speed
9.95 Miles/Hour
Charging Time
1.5 to 2 Hours
Charging Voltage
AC100 to 240V/50-60Hz
Driving Mode
Adjustable Speeds by App
Max Load
265 Pounds
Max Climbing Angle
30 °
Water Resistant
Frame Material
8.5 inch/215mm Rubber Tires
Product Dimensions
29.6 Inch x 9.9 Inch X 8.8 Inch
Net Weight
33 Pounds
With Portable Handle

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