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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Of Batteries Described Drum Kit

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 14, 2015

1, safety valve pressure too high

Electric car battery to ensure safety there is a safety valve, when pressure rises when in the electric car battery, the safety valve will automatically open, after all, release, so that you can guarantee the normal battery use. And when the rise in pressure within the battery, do not open the safety valve when there will be bubbles.

2, the charge current is too big

Typically, electric car manufacturers introduced regular factory production of electric car charging current of the battery has some value, and for a variety of reasons leads to high voltage, charge current is too large, it could easily lead to precipitation on the plate too quickly, resulting in chemical reactions is not sufficient. Meanwhile, if battery temperature rises rapidly, the exhaust does not timely, bulge will appear natural.

3, series charging

Electric vehicle manufacturer, and some electric car batteries are used in series, so you can have more capacity, and when an in-line battery charging when too many, can also lead to gas recombination within the battery is bad, thus the drum kit.

4, the battery is not a qualified

Analysis of the electric car manufacturer, if the batteries do not pay attention to in the design of the enterprise there is a refuge from the road, and there will be too much pressure in the body, battery drum kits. Four is the electric car battery drum kit common cause, and to avoid battery drum kits