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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Described The Electric Car Battery Maintenance

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 14, 2015

Correct use of the battery charger

Confirm that the AC line power supply and charger input voltage.

First plug plug of the charger connected to the battery compartment, then insert the AC power plug.

Electric car manufacturer introduces charger used indoors, should pay attention to moisture-proof, vibration-proof. Charge no cover, should be placed in the ventilation areas. Battery can't always fully

1. lead-acid batteries are not lithium-ion batteries, may not at any time after charging, lead acid battery life by burst discharge frequency of the battery the most afraid of losing power, often hold a charge sufficient to extend battery life.

2. analysis of electric vehicle manufacturers, charging, the charger indicator is after the first red light green light, should ensure that the float charge 2 hours after the light turns green, it's good to inhibit cell curing.