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Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Described Electric Motor

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 14, 2015

Electric bicycle industry, motor generally refer to the motor Assembly, including motor, reduction gear, and so on. Electric Bicycle motor Assembly following us.

The disassembly of the motor

Electric car manufacturer introduced, should first of all unplug the motor and controller before dismantling the motor leads, and must record the motor lead wire colors wire colors correspond to the one by one with the controller. Open the motor cover should be clean before operating the site, to prevent debris being sucked on magnets in the motor. Analysis on the electric vehicle manufacturer, end caps and wheel-relative position of the mark. Note: be sure to loose screws in diagonal order, so as to avoid deformation of motor housing. Clearance between rotor and stator of radial air gap (air gap), General Motors air gap between 0.25-0.8mm. When after you remove the motor eliminates motor failure, must be proportionate to the original Assembly of the end cap sign, so you can avoid a second sweep after the Assembly Chamber.