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Electric Self Balancing Powered China's Electric Car Industry Alliance Was Established In Beijing Since The Balanced Car Development

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Apr 07, 2016

The original title: Electric self balancing powered China's electric car industry alliance was established in Beijing since the balanced car development

Since the electric balance and self balancing type two rounds of the car industry union electric patent license contract signing ceremony held in Beijing Hilton Hotel on March 29.Union was founded to, adapt to China's electric self balancing car market demand and industry development, standardize the industry standard, power of technical innovation.


Electric self balancing car industry alliance by the British who's leading trade (Beijing) co., LTDJiang Xidi AnXin energy co., LTD., zhejiang qi intelligent technology co., LTD., shenzhen Chen moves more star electronic technology co., LTD., shenzhen prandtl car leading electronic technology co., LTD., shenzhen science and technology co., LTD., shenzhen booz lithium new energy co., LTD., and many famous enterprises such as (in no particular order), supplier and trade become core members of the alliance.INVENTIST INC., the company President, Hovertrax patent holders SHANE chan (SHANE CHEN) also made a speech on site, and participate in the two motor cars since the balance type (patent no. : ZL 2011 1 0435720.7) licensing ceremony.


In 2014, electric since balanced car market into a period of expansion.As consumers of technology and the wearable walking equipment constantly trying, consumer demand and grow."In the balance of the niche, the future will have a great imagination. Hopes to lead the league since balanced car industry technology innovation, form a good business environment, promote more dynamic electric self-balancing vehicle startups."SOLOWHEEL (Asia Pacific) President Shi Chongyang become league secretary-general said at the meeting.



Electric self balancing car industry technology innovation as the core competitiveness.But at present electric self-balancing vehicle industry in China is not a credible platform, auxiliary industry growth.So how to protect the technical ability of the industry participants, and form industry specifications, as electric self balancing car industry in China, and even global development, a major challenge.This electric self balancing car industry alliance was established, purpose is to achieve industry standardization, access to government attention and support, assist in the whole industry development.

Alliance in line with the theme of "mutual benefit and trust each other to win", will all the partners, in the perspective of the whole industry chain to operate - from production, raw materials, product safety and marketing four dimensions to establish industry standards, build a sound electric car self balancing system and ecological system.Electric self balancing car industry alliance members are aware of the importance of each link, is also an integral part of a good business model elements.Production mode and raw material supply, directly affect the electric self-balancing vehicle products and user experience, and the product safety is the foundation of service, the market marketing is helpful to improve electric self-balancing vehicle recognition and market share.These will be electric self balancing development essential driving forces, also is one of the important reasons for the league was founded.

It seems that electric since the establishment of balanced car industry alliance will be a brand new start.It marked China electric self-balancing vehicle into a whole new industry development phase.As shane Chen noted at the conference, China since electric flat car industry alliance formed by the platform, will be the good basis for the development of the industry.Because for any industry, the platform will bring resources integration and collaboration effect.For electric self balancing car driving force, the emerging industry and the future of the integration of such resources is indispensable.

Electric self balancing car industry association is a non-profit social groups.Engaged in balance or is engaged in the electric car research and development, production, trade, agent, and engaged in investment consulting, intermediary services in the industrial chain of organizational structure, can apply to join.