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Electric Scooter Details Selection

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 14, 2015

Electric scooter manufacturers introduced, detail decides success or failure, this saying applies to many things on the same also applies to the selection of electric scooters, Scooter of a detail-oriented design can really give you the best riding experience, and not just the cool fragrance. Now, we take a look at those cool design in the modern Scooter, may be able to help you choose the right riding equipment.

1, pedals

When choosing a car, pay attention to pedal past the narrow? Electric Scooter pedal if too narrow, will affect riding posture, parallel to allow two feet stand on the cars, comfortable riding posture will not affect the feel and mood. Scooter folding pedal designed for a comfortable riding posture at the same time, ensuring the portability of electric scooters.

2, lever height

Electric Scooter company analysis, many partners in buying the small scooters are ignored when the issue is the height lever, especially for the first try for Scooter's friends, this is the most obscure and does not need to be taken into account is, but it is not the right height will directly impact your riding experience. So personally when riding a try, or select the height regulation lever models.