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Adult Scooter Manufacturer Analysis On Types Of Scooters

Edit:Gyroor Technology (China) Co.,Ltd      Date:Dec 14, 2015

This scooter by periodically pushing with their feet, and car power, push the car forward. Scooter is a dual-in-line skating coaches at first, namely, before and after one of its wheels, and later with the further development of improved, resulting in a three-roller cart, there are two versions, one is the back two wheels, the scooter one wheel in front, and the other is two wheels in front, behind a wheel of the scooter.

Three wheel Scooter both increased stability, increased gliding fun, so popular than the ordinary two-roller skating coaches.

Frog Scooter is a scooter patent, the car has three wheels, different users do not need to drive the car forward again with pedals.

The two rear wheels of the car design using casters, are free to swing 360 degrees rotation, the users as long as the feet on the pedals, the strength of rational use of waist, hips, and legs, while to the right direction – to the left of the car------repeated movement on the right side to the left, the car will slide forward.

Dynamic handlebar using the feet free from the ground, and greatly enhanced the process of using the movement of the whole body coordination, movement effect is more significant.